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live Caricature Art




Caricature Artist, Illustrator and mural artist

Wedding Events, Engagement Parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate events, Christmas Parties, Dog shows, hand-drawn caricature art

Let Me

Are you in search of some fun entertainment for your upcoming event? Whether it's a Wedding Event, Christmas Party, Birthday Party, Hen Night, Barmitzvah or even a Dog Expo or any other type of Event - SketchMyEvent has got you covered.

Rick, a talented and creative artisan in Caricature Art, is available to provide entertainment for your guests in Perth, Western Australia. With his unique and humorous style, Rick highlights the caricature features of men, making women look stunning and leaving your guests laughing and entertained with his delightful London accent.

SketchMyEvent has entertained countless weddings and birthdays over the past 12 years in Perth, and Rick is a very quick drawer with plenty of experience. These caricatures also serve as wonderful souvenirs for your guests to take home. So why not let Rick entertain you and your guests at your next event? Contact SketchMyEvent to check his availability.


Rachel Stanley, Wedding Event

Belvior Homestead

If your looking for something to keep your guests entertained all night/day then Rick is your guy!! He is so great at his pictures that most of my guests have put him on their list to have at their events too! Thanks Rick for your time and ur no stress attitude when we wanted you there longer!


Dr Susan Dwyer, Vet Expo


We had Rick sketch for us at our trade stand at the Australian Veterinary Association annual conference. He did an AMAZING job drawing everyone's pets and we couldn't recommend him more highly. He worked non-stop all day, was lovely to all the guests, and drew some truly beautiful caricatures. We had people from other trade stands coming up to get his details as they could see how much his presence added to the event and they want him next time! We ended up winning the Best Trade Stand award and it's mainly due to Rick. Book him for your event and you won't be disappointed.
Dr Susan Dwyer, Dermcare Vet
We hired Rick along with a number of other Caricature Artists for a big corporate event out at Sandalford Winery and I have to say I was blown away with the quality of his work. He was in my eyes a clear standout on the night and I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a Caricature Artist.
Car Caricature

Car Caricature Art

Live Caricature Art

Pet Drawings in Caricature

Pet Caricature Art


Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 8.09.06 pm.png

My Story

Meet Rick Adams, also known as SketchMyEvent Artist - One of the most talented artisans from London -UK.

His expertise lies in creating life-like figures using wax and fibreglass materials. He has crafted stunning sculptures of iconic personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts and even fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes. Rick has also designed bespoke costume figures for war museums and collaborated with curators and conservators from renowned museums like the Fatima Museum in Portugal, the Belgium Army Museum, and the Hollywood Museum. Interestingly, while travelling on trains, Rick discovered his latent talent for drawing caricatures of random people, which has now gained immense popularity on social media.

Rick discovered a unique caricature style and became dedicated to mastering it. He invested in quality materials and brought joy to customers with his speed art at events. By studying top artists, he taught himself and even created artworks for Mad Publication books. I only use the best materials from Copics, Promakers, Fabel Castell, Prismacolour, Posca, Reeves & Atelier Acrylic paint, and he also even creates mural artwork with Airbrush, MTN - Spray Paints, Ironlak, loop, Flame cans and more to discover new techniques to one's art piece.

I specialize in creating storytelling-themed caricature art in A4, A3, and A2 sizes in colour and black & white. You can provide me with separate photographs of things you enjoy or love, and I will add those elements to your artwork.

As the first caricature artist in Western Australia to do so, I can create an A2-sized wedding and engagement reception caricature for your guests to sign around the artwork on your special day. Additionally, I can design a custom-made wedding guestbook featuring caricatures from your wedding event, which you can enjoy for years to come. I am skilled in drawing pets, cars, and people in caricatures so that I can create them for you, no matter your request.

My Services


Whatever the Event -SketchMyEvent is accustomed to entertaining your Guests and even Pets at the following events:

Wedding Events, Engagement Parties, Birthday Parties,

Corporate Events, Christmas Parties, Pet Shows & Expos,

Hen Nights, Kids Parties, Barmitzvah, Trade Stand Expo.

I have all the equipment I need in my fold away easel to create a fantastic caricature art at your event. All I need you to provide at any event is Three Dinning Chairs and Drink.



Artist Hourly Rate 

$170 X 3 Hours of Live Caricature Art Entertainment and your guests will be amazed.

Total Cost $510 AUD

After the first initial 3 hours Artist has applied a $20  Discount for additional hours at an new hourly rate of $150 per hour - Value for Money.


I can Sketch 10 -12 Head Caricatures in One Hour Sitting, in B&W with some colour effects on A3 white card and plastic sleeved.Want it faster and more people sketched than mini A5 sized Caricature Art

is another option..! 


4 Hour Package is $660

5 Hour Package is $810

6 Hour Package is $960

For Childrens Events, please Contact the Artist, for pricing.


Hand Drawn  
Caricature Art
from Photographs

I don't just draw people..!
I have been creating Themed Caricature Art for many years in Western Australia and for Worldwide Destinations.
I also specialize in Drawing - Cars and Pets in Caricature and more..


Themed Caricature Art

A4 Black & White 

For one person drawn $80 or two people $100

A3 Black & White

For one person drawn $150 or two people $200

For Four people $250

Want to add in Cars, Pets or other Animals contact the Artist

A2 Black & White

Ideal for large group caricature art 

For Six people $300

For Eight People $350

More than Eight contact the Artist

No Additional cost

For adding in Logos or Messages to your Drawings ie Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary , Name Tags, Wedding dates etc


Themed Caricature Art

A4 Colour

For one person drawn $100 or two people $150

A3 Colour

For one person drawn $200 or two people $250

For Four people $300

Want to add in Cars, Pets or other Animals contact the Artist

A2 Colour

Ideal for large group caricature art 

For Six people $600

For Eight People $650

More than Eight contact the Artist

No Additional cost

For adding in Logos or Messages to your Drawings ie Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary , Name Tags, Wedding dates etc


Schmelberts 1975

Google Review

OMGAWD!!!!! This man is beyond talented. Sent a couple of pictures to Rick with my thoughts. They ended up being better than anything I could imagine. My mates are gunna love there new art additions, which I reckon are priceless. Thank you so much Rick you are AMAZING!!!!!

Rough Caricature Sketch


  • The customer sends me good-quality photographs.

  •  Stage One, I start sketching random rough sketches from your photographs with a theme or elements you want added to the artwork. This is done on A3 printing paper and a mechanical pencil.

  • I showed the customer the proposed artwork in rough. The customer loves the artwork. I then proceed to Stage Two.

  • Stage Two, I recreate the rough artwork on my lightbox using Artline Pens or Pencil using branded art paper 250GSM Ultra Smooth, Bright White Illustration Paper.

  • Artwork is then finished off using hand-drawn techniques, which have taken me years of practice to become an established artist, using only well-known brands such as Promarkers, Copics, Prismacolor pencils, Posca, Brushpens and acrylic paint.

  • Stage why, I only charge by additional people and DONT charge for additional body parts; legs, arms, ears and eyes.

  • I create unique artworks using traditional hand-drawing techniques without any digital enhancements. I prioritize authenticity and individuality in every piece. I guarantee timely delivery and client satisfaction.
My Art

Thinking about a Mural?

Rick can also design and create a Mural Art

Timberly Williams

My Life



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